Monday, February 17, 2014

The Final Count Down!-Recovery

     I am over three years into my recovery and at this point I have spent a year and a half with each of my surgeons and their medical staff.  Visiting the orthopedic office every few weeks, the staff and I can't help but to develop relationships.  

     Understanding my story, they observe my struggles, but are genuinely happy at my progressions.  Most know me by name or I am associated as, "Ohhhh, you're the girl with the ankles".   Yes, that's me.  

     I have been in the operating room so many times in a short period that even the pretesting and operating staff recognize me.  I receive well meant hugs from big breasted women, who want to mother me.  " Oh honey child, you come here. Hey girls this woman deserves some hugs, she's having surgery again!"  the techs would say just before I am embraced by welcoming arms and smiling faces.  I laugh.  I laugh so hard, but at the same time I'm laughing, tears roll down my blushing cheeks.  

     I must be the most rewarded human being on this earth.   Support comes from everyone, all around me it's there, in every direction I turn.  How could I ever fail when I am surrounded by this blessedness?  

     Spending the last three months with my left leg in a cast has reminded me of the freedoms I enjoyed last summer and I relish the same freedoms again.  Sitting in the Cast Room at Washington University in  St. Louis the last few months, the girls and I have become quite acquainted.  Having my final cast removed was a big deal and they knew the meaning for me.
I opted to rotate my leg a bit, I did not think it necessary that you view a leg that has neither been washed nor shaved in three months.   I hear the "ohhhhhh, Thank You's" loud and clear.

Now I realize that to most, getting a cast removed is a simple act.  Under normal circumstances, I could agree.  
 This cast removal is different for me because it symbolizes something greater, something I have been awaiting, for three long, agonizing years.  Not only can I Shower in my Own Bathroom, Standing Up, but there are no more surgeries hanging over my head.  I have the entire year to recover, not just a few months.   Once I'm up, I get to stay standing up!

     My grin threatened to split my face as the tech ran the handheld saw up my cast and I said hello to my puny, orange unwashed leg.  It is truly a disgusting site, but one I greeted.  I will not be officially recovered from this surgery until late 2014, but I aim to wear out a Pair  of shoes as soon as I am out of this Air Boot. 

     Each step I get to take is one step closer to freedom.  No surgeries, no hospitals, no huge anesthesia needles, no more cuts or sutures.  I get to live. Really, really live.  I am counting down 2014 and the obstacles in it.  2015 will be my year.  I will get to test out this body and see what it can do and I will be Free!

      This is my Theme Song (click) (or at least the chorus! )for the remainder of 2014.  You can laugh with me or even at me, it makes no matter because this chic is on 

                                The Final Count Down!