Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Healing Powers of Medicine Springs Minerals

     Having written and spoke of the many natural measures that I use for pain relief, I have to share my most important resource. 

     Hidden deep in the Montana mountains there is a natural spring that produces minerals that help to alleviate aches and pains.  They help to the point that I most often use these minerals in place of any prescribed narcotic.    Still using my Curamin each day, the minerals can be an immediate pain reducer as well as be used for maintenance.

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   This past summer I was able to visit the spring at the Wallis KbarL Ranch in Montana and meet the creators of this powerful product.   Not only were they immediately in my family's hearts forever, they were knowledgeable beyond measure about their minerals and their effects. 

     For those that do not know, I have severe bone and joint damage from a car crash five years ago.  I am left with end stage traumatic arthritis and will only used strong pain medications when absolutely necessary.  Having many years left to live with my condition, I do not want to put a liver transplant on my list of upcoming surgeries.  The minerals also have powers to ease eczema and psoriasis as well!

      Using these minerals correctly is essential.  I have no idea if I could not read adequately through my pain filled vision or if it is just the effects of living with four teenagers that I did not comprehend the directions.  
 When Julie (Medicine Springs owner) instructed me that I was indeed using them incorrectly, I pork chopped my own forehead and thought, " If they work that well only using half of the recommended dosage, I can't imagine what I will feel like with a full dosage!"  I must also note that having the bath water at a high enough temperature is also relevant to ease discomfort

     I asked Julie to write a guest blog explaining how her and her husband Brandon became to  understand and create this product and her story is below:

"Medicine Springs is an all new concept in mineral health.  Turning your bath tub or hot tub into a mineral hot spring!  
Medicine Springs spawned from a necessity 5 years ago.  Brandon’s mom Brenda has painful arthritis and cannot close her hands.  On a vacation Brenda was sitting in a geothermal mineral hot spring and noticed she could close her hands and the pain was gone!  
Very excited about how these natural mineral springs provided such relief, she mentioned on her return that she wished she could put that water in her hot tub and bathtub.  This began the quest to bring this relief home and Medicine Springs was born. 

 Brandon and his wife Julie took chemical analysis of the most healing natural springs to be found anywhere in the world including the actual Medicine Springs on the K Bar L Ranch.  They brought these results home, removed the water, separated the compounds, isolated the reactions packaged it. 
 This allows anybody to turn his or her bathtub or hot tub into a world famous healing mineral spring!  Through their analysis and research they learned these springs have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years, but up until now the power of these springs has 
never been harnessed.  

They learned of the multiple conditions helped by these springs and created 3 varieties of Medicine Springs product.  They started with an Arthritis and Fibromyalgia blend calling it “Joint”.  They then went on and created a skin blend for Eczema, Psoriasis, and acne called “Skin”, based off of the Blue Lagoon of Iceland.  The final blend created was one for soreness and fatigue based on a spring ancient warriors used to use after battle to heal the ailments of war, knowing this would be perfect for modern day athletes, they called it “Sport”.  

They are extremely proud of what they have created and believe they have the opportunity to help others the way this helped Brandon’s mom.  They originally did not intend to sell it, but after researching and learning hot springs were used for their beneficial purposes for thousands of years and giving it away at race for the cure and to several wounded warriors, the results were compelling enough they knew we needed to get this out there for others to use! 
 Medicine Springs is the only company in the world to “Harness the Geothermal Healing Powers of Mother Nature”.  You can find them at, or on their Facebook page under Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy."

     Isn't that a great story behind a wonderful product?  Since most of you are unable to travel to the mineral spring itself, this is the best alternative.

    Brandon and Julie are true "Montanans".  We enjoyed our time spent with them and it feels pretty cool to know the personalities behind a product that I use.   I have been able to visually perceive and hear the passion in their voices, how deeply they care about helping others with their pain management; in a natural way. 

     To check out their website and order click here: Medicine Springs 
     To contact them about bringing their product to your business: Email at    or click here to be taken to their Contact Page.

     But most of all, try it and share it!

 *if you would like to visit the springs themselves contact them via their web page: Contact Wallis KbarL

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Strong Testimonies about Choices

     Each presentation that I give has a main focus and that is choices.  More specifically, that our choices can and most often do affect someone other than ourselves. 

 This past October, during Red Ribbon Week, I asked a friend of mine to give her personal testimony to one of our local high schools reliving the emotional details about the evening she heard siren after siren after siren speed past her house.  Then having her suspicions confirmed.  

     She had relived those moments for me once before, but sitting beside her in a gymnasium as she recalled the specifics had me swallowing sobs that desperately wanted to escape. 

      She relayed the story about two other mutual friends that she was in constant contact with during those hours of extraction and  transportation of myself and my two daughters.  Those two friends also agreed to write a few paragraphs as their personal testimony for my blog today. 

     Jen Harmon:
"The night that I learned of Carey’s car accident I was in shock. It was one of those moments that was hard to even comprehend what was happening. My mind started flipping through every memory I had of being with her and I couldn’t make myself believe that the person I had become friends with was possibly gone forever. I didn’t believe it was real, I didn’t see how it could be real, I didn’t want to accept that it could be real."

"I started making phone calls, sending text messages and searching Facebook for information but there were no clear, factual answers to be given. I heard that there was a fatality and at that time, I didn’t even know if there was another vehicle involved so I began to worry that my worst nightmare was proving to be true. I continued to make calls but was told many different stories ranging from rumors of her losing her legs to her being transported by helicopter to St. Louis but was not expected to live.  It was one of the most helpless feelings I have ever had."

"I struggled with whether I should go to the hospital or not. I knew there were going to be so many people there and felt that I would probably just be in the way. I chose to stay home and wait. I held my phone in my hand everywhere I went – not knowing if I wanted it to ring or not for fear of what I would be told if it did."

"One night I just started texting her. I assumed she had lost her phone in the accident, but I continued to send them anyway. I didn’t know if she would ever get to read them but it was the only thing I could do. I had no control over what was going to happen but I could at least tell her that I was thinking of her and praying that she would come back to us."

"Finally, one night as I held my phone in my hand while lying on my couch my phone chimed. I can’t explain the feeling I got when I looked down and saw that the text I had just received was from Carey. It honestly felt like God had just come and placed her right into my arms. She later told me that she didn’t remember sending me that text or even talking to me later that week. But I do - and it will always be one of the most amazing, miraculous days in my life. "


   Lisa Gansner:
 "I will never forget that wintry December night.  I had an odd feeling that night…couldn’t explain what…but things just didn’t seem right.  
It was a Wednesday night…and I didn’t go to the studio as Carey taught that ZUMBA class."

  "About 5 minutes before class started, my phone rang…that sick feeling came in my stomach and my head knew….and my heart knew..something was happening.  It was the girls at the studio., asking if class was cancelled?" 

 "Carey hadn’t arrived..and we all knew that never happened.  If she wasn’t able to show, which she NEVER cancelled..she would always say something.  I knew when I was dialing her number, a sickness continued in my heart and stomach.  I left message after message." 

 "As I was on the phone with the girls at the studio, they heard sirens…our heart sunk and tears whelped up as we wasn’t a fear…we knew it had to be her.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the extent….and as I learned about the seriousness, all the emergency personnel traveling..the great amount of emergency personnel, the Face Book posts, I just prayed. And prayed.  And prayed." 

 "I will never forget that night.  Feeling helpless, prayerful, wishing I could do something, wishing I could be an angel in the sky giving her strength, so scared for my dear friend, knowing something horrible had happened and just praying with all my might that she would live…breathe…."

"As those next months continued, watching her struggle and watching her overcome so many obstacles, yet wishing I could take all the pain away.  Wishing that night had never happened.  I can’t imagine what it is like to be in Carey’s shoes.  I know God has such a great purpose for her.  She touches and inspires so many before and NOW…it is so evident his purpose for her." 

 "I feel so blessed that it was NOT his plan to have her join the angels and to let us continue to enjoy her, her spirit, her personality and all she is."  
"I love you Carey and feel so blessed to call you my dear friend and thankful God has blessed us with you for a longer time.  Thank you for who you are and what you stand for.  You are such an amazing model to others and me daily.  When I feel like complaining selfishly about things, I think of you often and say…”No way I can complain…look what SHE overcame…I can overcome anything too! “

"Our Choices Matter"

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Horrible Bosses

     Most of us have endured at least one horrible boss in our career.  If you have not, you should.  It teaches you lessons you use to guide you throughout your adult life. 

 The worst boss I have ever had the displeasure of working under was my very first adult job.  Freshly graduated from X-ray school, I landed my first position at Bothwell Regional Health Center located in Sedalia Missouri.

     The radiology tech field had become flooded as I graduated. I felt indebted to find a seat in this geographic area.  Sedalia was larger than my home town but still was not too far away for a weekend visit.  I never even knew what this quiet city had to offer me due to my first horrible boss. 

     Here are five lessons that I had learned NOT to repeat from that short initial job choice:

     1-Speak before you Think:  By all means, please say whatever comes out of your mouth, no matter how crude, insulting or racist it is.  Your employees love hearing negative low level phrases come from your mouth!  (This kind of behavior cascades over into the employees attitudes and soon you hear the negativity rolling off their/your tongues in as ill a manner as your horrible boss.)

     2- Ignoring employee diversity:  If your were advanced in age, gay in any form of the word or your skin color was not white, you did not belong in his department and it was made known to you. (I was a young, naive woman when I encountered whom I thought was going to be my first role of leadership.  My mind was blown and my mouth often parted in confounded awe at the bigotry of this ugly specimen.)

     3-Ensure that your staff feels they need to protect themselves at all times: Especially from you that is.  Staff should always be on guard around you or the one troll you have managed to reel into your dark corner. (When workers feel they have no margin for error-ever, they generate unnecessary anxiety within themselves usually inducing minor mistakes normally not made by the calm, confident self they were before meeting The Witch King)

  4- "Suggest" your team work all three shifts in one week: Originally I was hired to swing between second and third shift so when my tyrant in charge "suggested" I pick up one day shift, I perceived I didn't have much of a choice.  I felt I should accept the offer or I would forever be overlooked for promotion. (There was no social life for my twenty-something self working all three shifts in one week.  My clarity lacked on the job due to my body desperately trying to find balance between waking and sleeping.  I could see the joy he took from my predicament.)

     5-Avoid all criticism towards yourself as a leader: Oh, yes, please avoid all feedback on how you can improve your leadership skills and provide a positive atmosphere for your department members.   
 As a tech you were forbidden to give encouraging advice and if you did you were branded and treated as a traitor.  If administration gave the advice, you do not agree with it and if asked, you confirm that your supervisor is adhering by all standards and such. (This additionally creates a resentment from all staff and an unintentional feeling of ill will towards you as a manager)

    I held out for a year before snagging a new position at a corporation that I would remain for the next nine years.  Bothwell Hospital required an exit interview for all faculty.  When asked, "Why are you ending your employment at this facility?", I balked.  I didn't want to be a snitch or admit the awful comments that I harbored for the wretched soul in the radiology department.

     The Human Resources rep leaned down and asked if it was due to the manager of our division.   Replying with a matter of fact, "Yes, Ma'am", she said a thank you and admonished that is why there is such a high turn over rate for radiology technologists in their hospital. 

   My first year in adult employment was horrendous.  Normally lit with a bright smile and attitude, I felt down trodden and stripped of a confident experience.  

     Early in my career I learned some valuable lessons that I have used in all of my life choices.  I have done well in those positions because of these and even though the experience brings 
dis-pleasurable memories, I would not change their participation in expanding my growth as a human being. 

If you never tasted a bad apple, you would never appreciate a good apple.