Sunday, April 6, 2014

We are Free at the Moment We Wish to Be

     Tuesday was the day.  The early morning sun hit my face as it shone through the windshield of my car forcing me to slip my sunglasses on.  A welcome action since this winter doesn't want to end.  

     Loving the excitement that was working it's way through my anatomy, bursting into a cheeky grin as I eagerly passed each small town heading to my surgeon's office.   All should go well this day  and I should be able to remove my air boot and slip on the custom brace made for my left ankle.  The elation emanating from me is creating my body to sit straight up in my seat, you wouldn't think I was at all relaxed.  I flash each driver that  passes me a
   sign and then add a wink on top of it, effectively insinuating that I am a complete halfwit. When in truth, I am so full of positive energy that I am like a soda that has been shaken up and if you pop the top, I am likely to explode and spew happiness all over you.

    Swinging the metal door open to the clinic foyer, I face the elevators and give the button an unceremoniously tap.  Looking to my right, I throw one of those too large, toothy grins to the woman who will accompany me on the ride up one floor.  Smiling is contagious.  I was like the baby you saw in the grocery cart that would melt the hardest of hearts, I wore my smile so large that no one dared frown at me.  They were probably afraid I would vomit a rainbow on them or something.

     X-rays were taken, my surgeon is as passionate about this day of mine as I am and my new brace is slipped around my left ankle.  "See you in eight weeks!"  she says.  Thumbs up, wink.  ;)

     Walking proudly, confidently out of the waiting room, holding my large, gray, farm dirty air cast boot in front of me, to be envied by those still wearing theirs, I finally feel freedom.  This time when I leave the orthopedics office, it's different.  This time, there are no more surgeries hanging over my head.  This time, there are no more needles waiting to puncture my veins.  This time, there are no more pill bottles waiting to steal my memories.  This time, it's me and my tenacity.  By God, I am winning.

     I stand poised on the concrete curb, allowing the warmth of the suns rays to embellish my pale face for a little longer than necessary, then walk to my car as I feel the pair of braces confining my ankles.  I sit and crack the windows so I may enjoy the Spring breeze and raise both my arms, with my fists at my ears and scream, " Waaaa Hooooo!!!!"  

     As I turn to the Sirius radio, there is only one station that will match my dynamic mood.  It's a 'HairNation' kind of day!

  I am free friends, I am free.