Sunday, April 13, 2014

Don't Look, Mom's Poopin'- It Works!

     Okay, this is my first product promotion.  I am not a distributor, but believe in this product enough that I would like to share and encourage you to look into it.  Many of you may not know me well enough to read the words I later write in this blog.  Without your permission, I am taking our friendship to a different level.  After today's blog we are going to be like this:

     Using this product, proceeding my surgeries and anytime I am on pain medicine has been essential in my recovery.  I now, use this in my daily health routine.  Let me explain my reasoning.  

     Having, I believe, six surgeries that first year was toxic to my system.  Falling under anesthesia and dependent on pain killers deteriorates your health quickly when you do either in excess, much less both at the same time.  My hair became brittle, my skin ashen and blemished.  My body felt "heavy", like I couldn't rid myself of the aftereffects.  

     Here's the worst part.  I moved very little during that first year and a half of recovery, took a narcotic every 2-4 hours, was left with the effects of anesthesia swimming around in my carcass.  All of this creates uncomfortable side effects.  Among many side effects there is one that can develop atrocious pain and health issues.  A side effect no one ever talks about, but I sure wish someone would have warned me about before it became an ISSUE.   Want to take a guess?

     CONSTIPATION!  IF you do not understand this word, it means, You Cannot Poop!  At. All.   Not even a little pebble.  I would not bring this up if it wasn't such an ordeal to live through.  Somehow these episodes have made it to my long term memory where more enjoyable ones have not.  During the most dramatic events, I asked myself if the crushing of my bones was worse than attempting to push bricks through my bowels.  

     I also had to attempt the evacuation of those bricks while sitting on a commode in the middle of my living room.  Believe me when the urge hits, you cannot pass up that opportunity, even with four children passing through.  In that instance, I would grab a blanket, situate myself on my throne, let someone in the house know what was about to transpire and that it might take a while.  Much of the time that someone was my nine year old son who then skipped down the hall announcing to everyone in the house, "Don't look, Mom's poopin'!"  Thank you for that Drew.  I lay my head in my hands as sweat beads popped out all over my body from the amount of work and concentration that I was about to tackle.   Eventually it all worked itself out, but not before my small gorge felt like it split into the Grand Canyon.

    This company calls itself,  It Works!
  It has become quite popular in the last few years.  You cannot purchase these items in a retail location.  You may order online or better yet, finding a personal distributor to discuss your interest is best.  

     The product that I cannot live without are the Greens.  Orange or Berry Flavor powder is what I started with.

Currently the company has offered a Chewable.  This is my preference now.
The Greens detoxify, alkalize, and promote pH balance within the body.  I needed an agent to remove the toxins left over  from narcotics, especially.  The public has become more aware of the need to detox our bodies and this is a natural, safe and healthy way to accomplish that.

Understand that my case was extreme and took weeks to completely convert to the prior state and maintain.   Trust me, when it worked, my bottom was transformed into a machine gun, shooting out bullets the size of pool balls.

Let's end there.