Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Miscarriage, a Tumor and Premature Menopause

     What all three of these events have in common is me.

     Many, many moons ago, when my daughter was eighteen months old, I found myself pregnant with my second child.  For whatever reason, my pregnancy tests never showed up positive until I was eight weeks gestation.  Just days after receiving confirmation that I was with child, I miscarried.  

     Having a career in the medical field, I did not recall any of our patients stating they had terribly painful miscarriages.  The pain became intense enough that I called my physician and was instructed to come to their office immediately.  Calling my mother, I not only had to tell her that I was pregnant and in the middle of a miscarriage, but that I was having complications and needed a ride to my doctor an hour away.  

     An ultrasound displayed that a tumor had grown on my right ovary that was two and a half inches in diameter.  It was benign but had to be removed.   A dilation and curettage (D & C) was also needed to remove the lining of my uterus after miscarriage.  

     That was my first experience with enduring a surgery.   I realized that anesthesia causes me extreme nausea and dry heaving after an abdominal surgery was dreadful.  My physician stated that because of the size of the tumor that I would probably enter into premature menopause at an early age. 

     At the ripe age of thirty-four, I started developing my first symptoms.  Nearing the end of my MRI education, I noticed my skin began looking more like a teen, but not in a good way.  My skin was already naturally oily, but blemish after blemish started to pop up.   Small and infrequent hot flashes arose.   I could not believe it was happening so early.  

     Fast forward just six months and I was involved in a major car collision that really got my body out of whack.  Eight weeks after the collision, I sat in my wheelchair facing my husband who was sitting on the couch, emotion gushing out of my soul as I speak of the heartache I was reacting to, when I pick my head up and boldly  inquire, " My God, is it hot in here?"  My husband desperately trying to keep up with my switch in conversation, slowly begins to smile.  It spread to each cheek as he starts laughing and humorously announces to me, " Carey, don't you remember you are in premature menopause?"  Sitting in aghast confusion, my mouth opens in astonishment as my eyes became as wide as silver dollars.  " What?!", I asked incredulously.  "That's not fair!  I have to go through all of this?   At the same time?"  I was appalled.

    Some months later I decided I should try herbal remedies to diminish my symptoms and after three other products failed, a close friends recommended Estro Rhythm. 

     I did not want any more prescribed medicines, I had enough of those hanging around in my body already.  Within two weeks, I felt a huge difference in the frequency of my hot flashes, my skin began clearing up and my irritability was under control.  Between dealing with recovery and the change of life, I felt I might end up on an episode of "Snapped'.  It really wasn't quite to that level, but it was more than I had ever experienced before and I wanted to nip it in the bud as early as I could.  

   Manufactured by It Works,  Estro Rhythm is a two-part daily solution that includes a supplement and conveniently pre-measured, daily balancing cream application made with natural ingredients. It helps to relieve menopausal symptoms and is safe and effective.  I have now been using this product for over two years and I wouldn't change it for anything.  Here is my pun.  Because It Works!    Again I am not a distributor so I only pass this information on because of my positive experience with it.   Also I have not had a weight gain since starting this regimen!

     I originally geared this post towards women, but my male audience should read this info and if your female partner is having these symptoms, get online and order this for her asap.  You will both be happier with the results.  

Get your Rhythm back!

Distributor: Kim McMillen