Monday, December 16, 2013

You're.... Blogging?

     This, I believe, is the third time I have started a blog  in the last two years.   It has meandered around in my mind, but life, or should I say, surgeries, has found my attention instead.

     Those that know me are asking, " You're blogging?  About what?"    Yeah, who knew?  I wouldn't say me, but the last three years have given me  new insight to myself.  I've had soooooo much time to figure out who I am, what I think about myself & life and what I want to accomplish after this last recovery. 

     If I am new to you then you are wondering  why I am talking about surgeries & recovery and why I want to blog about my life.  Short version: nearly three years ago, on a Wednesday evening, a person that I did not know, made a mistake in judgement.  He decided to drink & drive.  He did not drive in his path, he drove in mine.    Three years, eleven surgeries & so much physical therapy later, I am on my way to finally recovering.

     Although my entire blog will not be about my experiences regarding this, I would like to take you on my journey since this has happened.  I have evolved into a better being, learned valuable lessons about life & myself & would love to share them with those that are interested. 

       I also have many topics that I am crazy about.  I would like to teach & share some of these with you. 

      Being a photographer, I have knowledge that you want and I am willing to share!  I envision a lesson a month with photo assignments.   Cooking & baking, mmmmmmmmmmm.    Food that makes your mouth water and makes your bum bigger!  Learning  to live frugally these past years has brought me to make most of our food from scratch,  along with cleaning products.  Couponing.  Hunting & fishing.  I love to talk about our farm & the work it entails.   Our horses............... beautiful creatures.  Reading. Crafting.    Well, just about anything.
    So you can see who you are reading about I inserted a photo of my son & I.  He is my Favorite Son! (never mind that he is my only son, that's not the point)

     So, as this is my introduction to my blogging adventure, I invite you to share a few moments with me each week.   Each week may not interest you specifically, but come back & check on me sometime.