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Kaira Lansing:"Danielle's Body" Book Review

     This blog is something new for me, my first ever book review.  "How did that happen?" you may be asking.  Twitter!  

     Kaira Lansing Bio:   
I was born in the Midwestern United States where I grew up and later fell in Love and Married the Official GUY NEXT DOOR.
 (True Story)

I enjoy writing mystery, romance and sometimes throw some paranormal into my adult novels. When I'm not writing, you can find me out on dates with my Husband, scoping out restaurants in search of the best Ultimate Nachos. I also enjoy running; hate doing sit-ups; love to read and can’t stand winter.  Like, really … Can’t. Stand. Winter. I drink way too much soda and am trying to quit, hence my new passion for Brandy and Coke. I am famously known for my practical pranks involving: post-it notes, saran wrap, a toilet cake, and a surprise birthday party that almost burned down my house!

     Her adult novels and short stories concentrate on mystery, romance and crime.  Her young adult series concentrate on mystery, paranormal and romance.  Researching Kaira online, it seems she is rising to new levels each week with great interviews and ever increasing stats on Amazon.  I am excited to see where her adventures roam to next. 

     So how did we encounter each other?  Kaira commented on a few of my blog posts which captured my attention.  Switching to her Twitter account, I perused her feed to see what she was all about.  Becoming intrigued I began a short dialogue with her off and on over the next two weeks, then suggested that I could read a novel of her choice and blog my thoughts regarding it.  She readily agreed and that brings us to today.

     Reading has been a hobby of mine since I was a teen.  As I became a mom and business owner, there were years that I would read only a book or two a year.  That seems crazy to the average individual, but to those of us who have lived that life, you know precisely what I am speaking of.  I still like to go "old school" when diving into a new book.  I enjoy the thick parchment of the paper between my fingers as I physically turn a page, but the convenience of downloading a book, digitally, to receive instant gratification is pretty sweet. 

      Using my iPad as my new "book", I can still swipe the page and I do not have to wait for the hard copy to arrive per UPS.  Kaira's novels are listed on Amazon which links with the Kindle, so how do I download the stories using my iPad.  Well there is an app for everything.  Downloading the Kindle app to my iPad, then downloading the novel from Amazon, the book transfers directly to my Kindle book shelf. (on my iPad) 

     What novel did she choose?  Her most recent,

     This novel is just getting off the ground with being published in December of 2014.  Print or Kindle editions are available.

Lauren starts having nightly visions of her deceased best friend, Danielle. Lauren confides in her fiance, Mark, who insists her visions are stress related. When Lauren begins having brief mental conversations with Danielle, she seeks out the help of a medium, in hopes of a better understanding in how to further communicate with the deceased.

Lauren begins to piece together her brief mental conversations with Danielle and soon discovers Danielle's death was not accidental. With new evidence, Danielle's case is reopened and makes national headlines when Danielle's grave is exhumed and her casket is empty.

With the clock ticking, and the killer getting closer, Lauren must move quickly before she finds herself an accomplice to her best friends murder.

     Pleasantly surprised that the action started just pages into the story, I sat and read the first six chapters immediately.  Noticing right off, the manner in which the characters spoke was different than other novels I have read.  They spoke like normal people.  Their grammar was not always perfect, they cascaded from drama to being okay with their situation very quickly, ( which I have witnessed from individuals) and the characters were not always politically correct.  

     Admittedly, I did not read the description of the book before leaping into it.  I was caught off guard by the paranormal activity, but remained open minded.  Lauren affected me two very different ways.  I developed sympathy toward her but my conservative side said, "Girl, slow down between relationships!"  The same feelings arose with Miss Danielle.  Kudos to the author for directing me to feel something for her characters.  Drama and action packed scenes are a constant.  You as the reader, are headed one direction with the story line and literally the details take a ninety degree turn in a direction that was unforeseen.  Some scenarios were far fetched, but that is the freedom of fiction that the author holds in her hands and she used it well.  The ending, not what I anticipated and another moment of myself rolling my eyes at Lauren, saying "Slow down, girl!"  

If the reader is bored, the book is shelved without finishing and sold at the local flea market, I finished this book quickly and recently I downloaded one of Kaira's short stories: On Deadly Grounds that I will be finishing this week in between practices and doctor appointments.   

     I am interested enough to engage myself into her previous novels just to see where her mind will take me. 

   Kaira can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
Her personal web page is 

     Good luck to Kaira and happy reading to you!


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