Sunday, January 18, 2015

Amazon Shopping: Butter Bell Crock and Norpro Garlic Keeper

     If you do not shop on you are missing out.  Any product you can think of is listed there and some products are a unique surprise.

     I have two products that I would like to share with you that I use and enjoy.  My son watches "How it's Made" quite often.  One particular day I watched with him and now understand how margarine is manufactured.  We both decided if a fly refuses to eat it then we probably should also.  Instead we use stick butter, but to the dismay of our daughter, and I agree, it is difficult to spread right out of the frig.  Who has time to let it soften on a school day?  Over the Christmas holiday my SIL introduced me to the Butter Bell Crock  and I immediately surfed Amazon for this product. 

     The crock holds one stick of butter(1/2 cup) and it is soft at all times.  How does it stay fresh?  Here's the kicker, you put 1/3 cup cold water in the bottom of the crock, pack the softened butter in the bell shaped lid, turn the lid over into the water and it creates an airtight seal around the butter!  You must keep it out of sunlight and change the water every few days.  There are many colors and designs, I chose this one because as it sits on my counter at all times, it also becomes part of my kitchen decor.

     Now I kept perusing the site in the crock category and came across this next product that also works perfectly for me.  Amazon is too interesting to just order the one product you need and exit, right?   Coming into my search feed was this Norpro Garlic Keeper.  I cook all of the time and use garlic quite frequently.  So much that I purchase the big bag of garlic at the grocery store that includes about ten to twelve bulbs.

     This do dad can also hold mushrooms, ginger, chili peppers and onions.  I loved this idea because I was tossing my onions and garlic in the same bin in my pantry and I am thinking this is not the
correct way to store them.  Also available in many colors and designs I chose a simple white crock with a garlic design on the front.  It has vents to keep the items fresh for weeks and also became part of my kitchen decor.  

     My kitchen has shelving above my sink for knick knacks and such, which I dislike because I do not enjoy dusting around them or dusting at all, really.  I did add this to my shelf since it looks nice and it is a large item that is easily moved for dusting and within reach of my cooking space. 

     So here are two items to add to your kitchen decor that are actually functional at the same time.  Enjoy!

                                                                  Butter Bell Crock

 Norpro Garlic Keeper

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