Sunday, November 16, 2014

What is a BAE and how do we Get Rid of It?

     If you have not yet heard of this new word then you are behind the times and fortunate, in my opinion.

     I first saw this word in print, wondering what the heck it was.  It is all over the Twitter scene, in every tweet, comment, photo.  Then, I heard it in my house, vibrating off the walls.  Sometimes it was pronounced in valley girl style, others in drooling admiration, usually as some hot, teen hunk flashed his abs across the television screen.  That is because I have a house full of Teenage girls.  My son, at age twelve, has not entered the social media scene or started using slang.........yet.

     So what is it?   Noun, verb, adjective?   Apparently it can be used any way you desire.  

bae-noun -abbreviated form of "babe".

     This is the slang meaning of the new word as it progressed through modern dialogue.  Babe is a shortened form of "baby", babe has now been shortened to "bae".   Like it needed to be shortened anymore?  I believe society just keeps getting lazier.  

     Other meanings I've come across are:

*Boyfriend/Girlfriend/ BFF

*Awesome, sweet, sexy ( he is so bae)(that car is bae)

* Concern( you bae, right?)



Okay, I get all of those, but here are some definitions that I bet those who use it didn't know of.

*a person that is your best friend AND you get naked with

(bae, let's get naked) 

*Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering (BAE)

*Yes/Right? (you wanna go with, bae?)

*Biggest A** Ever! ( She has a bae!)

*Butts are ev.ery.thing(bae, man, bae) as guys are checking out a woman's backside or vice versa 

*The Danish word for "POOP"(my favorite) (Heath took a big bae in my bathroom, how rude!) or you can recall this meaning as you tell your loved one how much they are your most treasured bae.

     Each time I read or hear this word, I cringe.  It should not last in our culture too much longer because of it's daily overuse.   We know from history, once something is so popular that even your Grandma says it, it is done for.  It's time if over, it's ran it's course and what was once the most bae slang term has become outcast.  You are no longer bae if you use it.  That was so, like, six months ago just like the term, "yolo". (good for you if you missed that slang also)

     If you do get through the time period of this slang term with minimal interaction, I applaud you.  You have missed out on nothing.  It is just a fad that will be tossed out soon along with last years "can't live without" Coach purse.

I'll leave that up to you.







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